What Type Of Criminal Injury Can Victims Of Crime Be Compensated For?

If you have been the victim of an act of crime or violence, you may be able to claim compensation. The offender does not have to have been caught and prosecuted for you to make a claim for compensation, you are usually entitled to compensation if: If the crime took place within the last 2 years. However, cases of abuse may be considered over this time period. You have been injured physically, mentally or psychologically as a consequence of a violent crime. If a member of you immediate family has died as a result of a violent crime, for instance your partner, parent, wife or child. If you were a witness to a violent crime and later suffered psychological injury and had to receive counselling. Physical and/or psychological injuries are graded according to their severity. Relatively minor injuries, such as scratches, cuts and bruises will not qualify for an award.

However, if a criminal injury victim has suffered a combination of minor injuries resulting in numerous visits to see their GP or a medical establishment, received treatment and the injury has lasted more than six week, they may be entitled to claim compensation. Every case is different. In England Scotland and Wales, the minimum amount of compensation you could expect to receive would be £1,000, moderate to severe injuries can be up to £500,000 compensation, dependant on the severity of the injury/injuries sustained.

Other Types of Compensation.

If for instance you property has been damaged as the result of a crime or theft, you may be able to claim compensation. If the person that committed the crime is caught and found guilty, the court can order them to pay you compensation. In regards to making a claim for any type of criminal injury, you will have needed to have contacted the police within 24-48 hours of the incident having taken place. You will not be eligible to make a claim for criminal injuries compensation if the crime has not been reported to the police.

Victims who have reported the incident to the police can apply. The police will pass the information to the Crown Prosecution Service who will make the court aware of your claim when the case is heard. The type of loss you can be compensated can include:

  • Out of pocket expenses (financial loss, loss of earnings due to time off work because of the crime).
  • Loss via fraud
  • Loss through damage or theft of property
  • Injury from a stolen vehicle

How to make a criminal injury claim

In England, Scotland and Wales there are many personal injury solicitors that also specialise in criminal injury compensation. You have two options;

Contact a recommended or reputable personal injury solicitors. They will take care of all the legal jargon and fight for the justice that you deserve. Most solicitors charge a small percentage fee if the claim is settled, usually between 20-25% – a small price to pay for the expertise and knowledge of a reputable criminal injury solicitor who can recover the maximum compensation that you are entitled to by law.

Another alternative would be to apply direct with the CICA (Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority). You can download the form from their website: spesaeterna.eu.org or call them on 0141 331 2726. Your application will be processed usually within 12 months. If you accept the compensation that is offered to you, this will be paid out to you within 28 days.

It is highly recommended that you sought the legal advice and guidance of a criminal injury solicitor. A reputable, successful firm will usually recover the compensation for you as quickly as possible to make sure that you make a healthy recover from you injuries both physically and financially. Many solicitors offer free advice with no obligation to make a claim. It would be worth you while to consider this initial course of action in the first instance and it won’t cost you a penny.

The Role and Duties of the Police Officer in the Criminal Justice Field

There are several different roles and duties associated with the career of the police officer working in the criminal justice field. Individuals that elect to work in this profession are responsible for ensuring the protection of citizens that reside in their community on several different levels. They must ensure that the lives of those in their area are protected and must also ensure that the citizen’s possessions are also protected.

In addition to this, they have the responsibility of maintaining order in their community, and focus many hours of their career in working on preventing crimes that could occur. These professionals must possess the ability to be highly analytical, to engage in strenuous physical activity and must have a high level of integrity. Listed below are some of the most common roles and duties of the police officer working in the criminal justice field:

1. Law enforcement officers must be able to effectively enforce and promote the awareness of laws on a Federal, State, and local level under the direct supervision of their superior as well as the agency that they work for.

2. Police officers working in the criminal justice field must have the capability to effectively patrol the district that they are responsible for and ensure that the property contained within that district is safe and free from common crimes.

3. When patrolling the district that they work in, police officers must have the capability to successfully apprehend individuals that commit activities that are considered to be unlawful as outlined by the Federal, State, and local laws surrounding their communities.

4. Police officers working in the criminal justice field are required to effectively reprimand, quickly detain, successfully cite and/or make arrests of individuals engaging in illegal activities.

5. Officers in the criminal justice field are required to conduct investigations on both a criminal and a civil level. This includes being able to gather and properly maintain any type of evidence in and/or around a crime scene, analyzing the evidence and making a determination on the exact details of the incident or accident that has occurred.

6. These professionals are required to successfully create reports that include distinct details about incidents and accidents that have occurred within their district. In addition to this, they must be willing to stand by their reports in the court of law.

7. Police officers are required to be well trained on the weapons that they carry while on duty. Examples of these weapons include those that use chemicals to subdue individuals, those that use impact force as a means of subduing a person, and control holds. In addition to this, they must be able to successfully administer physical commands. Furthermore, it is important that the officer is able to properly assess whether or not deadly force may be required in situations that they may be subjected to.

As you can see, there are many roles and duties required of the police officer in the criminal justice field. If you have an interest in maintaining peace, protecting individuals and their property and serving your community, you may enjoy a career in law enforcement.

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Two Serious Criminal Offences in Canada

Criminal offences in Canada are increasing day by day and are causing a great loss to life and property. Impaired driving and domestic assault are two common offences in Canada which can have disastrous consequences on individuals. This article throws light on some of the harmful effects of the two on an individual.

Impaired driving- It is the act of driving any vehicle under the influence of alcohol or other drugs. The number of such cases in Canada is increasing day by day thus causing a huge threat to life. As per the Canadian statistics, from 2008 to 2009, the number of DUI or related cases have noticed an increase of around 18%. Around 3,000 are injured or killed in such cases every year. This crime is highly common among youth.

Some of the consequences of this offence include:

• The individuals caught for first time can be forced to pay heavy fines.

• The individuals with a blood-alcohol concentration level between 0.05 and 0.08 per cent can face driving bans for 1-2 years.

• Those who are caught in such cases many times are forced to pay heavy fine as well as driving bans for long period.

Domestic or spousal assault cases-Domestic or spousal violence is another big crime which is rising with every changing day. Violence is defined as an abusive behavior in any of the relationships like marriage, friends, family etc. It can in any form whether physical, emotional, sexual etc. There has been a high increase in such cases from 2004 to 2008. There were around 23,000 such incidents reported in Canada last year.

Harmful consequences of violence cases include:

• The accused can be forced to pay heavy penalties.

• Not only this, he or she can also be imprisoned for a 2-5 years

• In case of death, the accused can be imprisoned for 14 years.

In both these cases, it is very important to hire an experienced criminal lawyer who can help one to come out of this serious situation. There are many criminal lawyers who are offering efficient services in this regard so as to help individuals get out of this troublesome situation.